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doneenough's Journal

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14 December 1989
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23, animals, aquamarine, bad boys, badboys, ben jelen, bethany joy lenz, blends, blonde hair, boys, cameron, cameron&chase, candy, cats, celebrities, cellphone, challenges, charmed, chase, chicken, chris tomlin, christmas, clothes, college, colors, comfy clothings, copeland, crossfade, curls, cuteness, desperate houswives, dhani lennvald, dhani&marie, draco malfoy, draco&hermione, dress-up, earrings, emma watson, exercise, fashion, fear, five for fighting, friends, full moon, goblet of fire, god, goo goo dolls, graphics, green, guitarr, haley, happy, harry potter, hawaii, hayley&noah, hermione granger, high school, home and away, hoodies, house md, howie day, jamaica, james blunt, james lafferty, jason mraz, jumpers, kate hudson, life as a house, lifehouse, light, lost, love, loved ones, lyrics, mac and cheese, magazines, mark feehily, mark wahlberg, mascara, matchbox 20, michael&maria, mirrors, money, moonlight, mountains, msn, mtve!, music, my super sweet sixteen, naley, nathan, nathan&haley, new york, nickelback, one tree hill, orange, orange juice, paris, partys, penguins, photoshop, piano, piper&leo, rain, roswell, sad endings, sawyer, sawyer&kate, shoes, shopping, shorts, siemens, sleeping, snow, something corporate, staind, stars, stephen speaks, steven strait, storms, stuffed animals, style, sunrise, sunset, sweets, switchfoot, tanning, textures, the all american rejects, the clip, the sun, the used, things made by myself, this day and age, tom felton, tom felton&emma watson, trainers, travelling, trustcompany, usa, vertical horizon, wallpapers, warmness, weddings, westlife, windows, worshipping, xander&anya, yellow, yellowcard

Social capital

  • less than 10