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11 January 2011 @ 11:02 pm
New me!  
So, today I decided to start wiriting a blog once again...I`ve been away from blogging and everything related to it for years now. It was weird to come to this profile and see my information and I had written that I`m a 16-year old girl. Wow. I`m 21 now. That`s 5 years! Time really does fly...But yeah, enough of the nostaliga and on to my life. So many things have changed since that time, so so so so many things, that I do not even know where to start.

First of all - I got the boy I liked! For me, that is still unbelievable, since those things happen in movies. For me, it did not seem very realistic that we would ever be together. I don`t know, people here do not tell each other very ofter that heeeey, I like you! Well, that`s what I though at least. Seems that it was a bit untrue, because since that time, I`ve seen it happen so many times. But luckily, only once for me! Anyways we`ve been together for almost 2 years now and I can really honestly and sincerely say that I love him with all my heart. We´ve had our tough times and all(a loong story), but I have made up my mind that he is the one for me. The one that I am going to marry. I`m not really and expert with relationships, or anything, but really, deciding that he is the one for me has been one of the best things in our relationship. Whenever we fight - I do not let breaking uo be an option. And the same for him. We don`t even think about it and we do not threathen each other with the possibility of breaking up. And because of that, we KNOW that whatever happens, we will work it out and be together. Cause really, love is a choice.

Anyyyyway, I`m on my second year of Univesity right now, studying to become a teacher! I`m an active member in our chuch and youthwork, I just organised a camp for 70 people including a team of young christians from USA - it really was the time of my life, altough the most exhausting time of my life at the same time, since I`m having my exams right now aswell. But God has really blessed me and shown me that he will help me, no matter what. If I do my best, God adds all the rest needed.

The good news is that I`m still madly in love with Dramione and fanfiction! More than ever before, I might add. And I still love photoshop and graphics...:)

But yup, thats it for now, since I really ought to go to bed to rest for my tomorrow`s exam!
Mood: geekygeeky